There is much football in the early decades also who claim them to be the first football club of history but the only club who has its written record is the Sheffield Football Club which was established in Edinburgh the city of England in 1857 this is a milestone football history football live score.

In 1863 the major step was taken to give football its own identity.

In London Football Association was founded.

This Football Association made some rules and regulations for football.

After the formation of the Football Association, rugby and football were separated and both games become different from each other Football today Match.

RULES AND REGULATIONS (early decade rules)

  • The length of the ground was decided to be 100-130yds and breadth was decided to be 80-110yds. The shape of the field was decided to be a rectangle
  • The goalpost was introduced in 1875 their height was decided 8 ft. tall and 8 yds. wide
  • Corner kick and a goal kick was framed in 1874
  • A whistle was used for the first time in 1878
  • The lineman was introduced in 1891
  • The offside rule was changed in 1925
  • Net in goalpost was used in 1892
  • The number of players was decided 11 in one team.
  • Some important facts
    • 1880 football has become that people start paying ticket prices just to watch the match.
    • The first international match was played in 1872 between England and Scotland there were 4000 people as an audience in that match.
    • In 1883 first international tournament was placed in which 4 teams took participate and they were England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
    • First time when football was played outside Europe it was in South America in Argentina this match was conducted by the citizen of England who was working in Argentina
    • FIFA was founded in 1904
    • In 1908 football was added in Olympics it was another milestone set by this interesting game
    • 1921 women were banned from playing football
    • In 1996 women were allowed to play football again
    • Earlier black players were not allowed in football but now there is no racial discrimination



    FIFA was formed on 21 May 1904 in France at that time there was only 8 member of Fifa and they were Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Spain. Fifa headquarter is situated in Zurich it is in Switzerland. In the present date there 211 members of FIFA.


    Earlier England did not become part of FIFA because they thought that they have invented this game live football so they do not need any association help to improve the condition of football in their country.


    • Fifa visit the nations who have asked for hosting the world cup and after inspection, it calls the name of the country that will hold next after next world cup
    • Fifa looks for the development of football all over the world and protects the rule of football



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