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Marcelo Vieira Biography, Personal life:

Marcelo Vieira da Silva junior took birth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 12 May 1988 in the house of Marcelo and Maria da Silva. His father was a fireman and mother Maria da Silva was the teacher. At the age of 9 he had joined the youth club named Fluminense FC.

According to the latest football news, Marcelo’s finance condition wasn’t very good so his grandfather supported him to play football. He plays as left-back but he can also be a charge of left-winger. Right now he is the part of the Real Madrid and the Brazil national team. Below we describe you more details about the Marcelo Vieira Biography.

Marcelo Vieira Life statistics

  • Full name Marcelo Vieira da Silva
  • Nick Name of Marcelo is Marcelo Vieira
  • Father’s name Marcelo
  • Mother’s name Maria Da Silva
  • Place of birth Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Marcelo Vieira Professional is the footballer
  • Date of birth of Marcelo Vieira is 12 May 1988
  • Club Real Madrid
  • Marcelo Vieira Height is 5 feet 9 inch
  • Marcelo Vieira Weight 80 kg
  • Position Left-back
  • Marcelo Vieira Position is Defender
  • Marcelo Vieira Shirt Number is 12(twelve)
  • Strong foot Left
  • Marcelo Vieira Horoscope is Taurus
  • Marcelo Vieira Eyes Color is Dark Brown
  • Above $16million net worth of Marcelo Vieira

Marcelo Vieira Career
his career in Fluminense a very first club

Latest football news mentioned that era Marcelo joined the Fluminense FC at a very young age he became the part of the youth team of the Fluminense FC. His good performance in the youth team made his manager put him in the senior squad of the Fluminense FC in 2002 finally. During 2005 he won Campeonato Carioca title with Fluminense he played 2 seasons with Fluminense and appeared in 30 matches and scored 6 goals. At the end of 2006, he joined Real Madrid.

Latest football news of Marcelo in Real Madrid and Marcelo’s bio in Real Madrid
road to la Liga

During the last of 2006, Marcelo agreed to join Real Madrid. In January 2007 he became a part of Real Madrid. He was the special signing for his manager as he was the young player.

Manager and latest football news he was considered to fill the freshness in the team indeed as the team was not performing well at the time of Marcelo joining. As he was the left-back of Brazil and now he was in Real Madrid so the many spectators hailed him as Roberto Carlos.

On 7 January 2007, he made his debut for Real Madrid against a Deportivo La Coruna. Marcelo debut was not good as they have lost the match by 2-0. On 14 April 2007, Marcelo played his first complete match for the Real Madrid against Racing de Santander.

Coincidentally they’ve lost that match too. the Marcelo spirit, attacking style and speed made him the major part of the team. After the continuous poor performance, Marcelo spent most of the upcoming matches on the bench. I became the highlighter of the latest football news for the team’s poor performance.
In the 2009-10 season under the Manuel Pellegrini guidance, Marcelo was kept in the starting line-up in almost all the matches. This season he was given the role of the left-winger. He accepted the new role and reached the top of the assist chart of the league this made a huge change in Marcelo’s career. This year Real Madrid extended his contract for 5 years.

In 2010-11 under the Jose Mourinho guidance, Marcelo was again set back to his original position of left-back. Marcelo showed his versatility in games that year. The latest football news mentioned that Diego Maradona mentioned that Marcelo is the 3rd best player of the La Liga after Messi and Ronaldo.

During 2012-13 Marcelo was named in the Brazilian team for London Olympic this was another jackpot of Marcelo’s career. The latest football news states that. Roberto Carlos mentioned that Marcelo is better than him and he has more ability with the ball. In addition to this Marcelo keep on performing well day by day. His contract was extended for the upcoming 2 years again and again in 2017 his contract was again extended till 2022.

After being in Real Madrid for many years he became a very good friend of Cristiano Ronaldo undoubtedly. The latest football news states that he told in an interview that just before the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League final.

He was very nervous. he was also having anxiety attacks, at this time it was Ronaldo who was motivating others and then after winning the final. Ronaldo told to Marcelo that he is leaving Real Madrid as this was the discouraging moment of Marcelo Vieira Biography and career. He was broken and happy at this time because he had won the 3rd UEFA Champions League consecutively. On the other hand, his friend was leaving Real Madrid. And was shifting to Italy undoubtedly.

Marcelo Vieira Career statics

Club career

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International career

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