History Of Football

The history of football was started in 1863 in England when Rugby football and association football branched off on their different courses and Football association was formed. It was decided that carrying the ball in hand will not be allowed. The weight of the ball and the size of the ball was decided that was different from the rugby ball that’s why rugby association and football association were shed off.


the first organized club with official status is Notts  County it was formed in 1862. There are many other Football clubs who claim themselves for being the first football club like Edinburgh but they do not have any official status so they are called the first organized club of football history.


The other milestone was now to set FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP (FA CUP) become the first important football match was between two nation England football team and Scotland football team the match was ended in a score of 0-0. Twelve years later, in 1883 the first international football tournament took place between England, Ireland, Scotland and wales.

European_football played an important role in the development of the football game. Later on, football was started playing outside the European countries the first match outside Europe was played in Argentina in 1867 but it was a foreign British worker who was involved not Argentinean.

FIFA – Federation Internationale de Football Association

FIFA was founded in 1904 and a foundation act was signed from France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. England other British countries did not join FIFA from starting. after the foundation of FIFA, many domestic leagues were started in many different countries like English premier leagueLa_Liga Bundesliga, serie_A, etc.


Earlier the condition of the game was not so good it was very difficult to identify two different teams in a ground the number of players wasn’t constant neither the size of the playing area. then some rules were set that · if the player catches the high ball opposition will be rewarded free-kick · goal post will be of limited height 8 feet · both teams will wear a different color

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